Let's Talk About the Adoption Process


We all know that parenting is hard, even for a strong and stable couple! Imagine the impact on families and society if before a couple could have a family, they would have to be screened and tested for the previous history of abuse, mental illness, and financial capability.  

In the world of adoption, this is the case. 

The process of qualifying for adoption is intensive, which means that not only are the prospective parents financially capable but don't have any history of abuse of toxicity. 

Potential adoptive couples have to be/have: 

  • Screened & counseled  
  • Child abuse clearance
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical exams
  • Personal references
  • FBI Background check
  • Extensive home study
  • Provide tax returns

We can’t foresee the future, but this process does bring us comfort in encouraging our residents who do not have a job, place to live, vehicle, and more likely than not are struggling with staying sober, to make a very difficult but absolutely beautiful decision when it comes to their unborn child.