The Lamb of God Maternity Home delivers 24/7 care to pregnant women in crisis. Your gift will give these vulnerable women the tools they need to make a positive future for themselves and their babies.  

Want to see your generosity in action?
Here are some examples of how your money helps! 

Cell phone bill: $20-50
Dignity Package*: $50
Transportation Costs: $50/week
Bus Pass: $75
Grocery Bill $100
Counseling: $80-100
Crisis Hotline: $130
GED Test (General Education Diploma): $140

*Dignity Packages

It means the world to a girl, who is taking a huge leap of faith to live in a house with strangers and in a completely new environment, if they owned a few things of their own.
Our diginity package are comprised of gift cards to stores such as Target, Walmart and Payless. These allow the women to buy personal clothes, shoes that fit and personal higene items that are personal to each girl.

Give Monthly. 

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