Sarah Saccone

Sarah is a young woman passionate about the sanctity of life and the dignity of the human person. Utilizing her Bachelor degree in Sociology from California State University of San Marcos, she worked as a counselor of homeless youth in a shelter-home atmosphere for nine years. She has served on a number of mental health non-profit boards, been a long time volunteer for San Diego Hospice, and spent time teaching children in East Africa.

She is the niece of Founder/CEO, Grace Dulaney, and when the opportunity of Lamb of God Maternity Home presented itself, both she and Grace knew that Agnus Dei was a perfect fit for her. Sarah serves as the full-time Director for Lamb of God Maternity Home, daily giving witness to her passion for women in crisis pregnancy through the gift of adoption. She resides in San Diego, California.


Jan Brown
Business Manager

Jan is a native of England and her work has been in management and administration. She has worked for noted businesses and individuals, including BBC London and a Saudi Arabian Sheikh. With the latter, she managed his private homes and represented him in various public and private affairs. Jan came to the United States in 1988 and later had a conversion to Christianity. She went on to study biblical theology and worked as an executive assistant for an internationally renowned pastor and public figure.

Currently, she volunteers her time to the Church and serves as the Business Manager for Lamb of God Maternity Home. She has been with Agnus Dei since January 2013, and she was present to welcome the first two mothers to the home in April 2013. She resides in Escondido, California with her daughter and a few four-legged friends. She returns to England every few years to visit family, however she remains confident that Lamb of God Maternity Home is where God intends to use her to glorify Him.


Joseph & Rachel Breda
House Managers

We are so happy to introduce you to our new house managers, Joseph and Rachel Breda. Many of you know the Breda family from Escondido. Joseph is the oldest of their eight children and last summer he married his beautiful bride, Rachel. They have brought a very special, youthful, and passionate energy to the home. They exemplify a holy and respectful marriage, which sets great example for the girls. Rachel is a healthy meal planner and phenomenal cook as well as a crafter who is introducing the girls to all kinds of new activities. She is also leading bible studies and virtuous character development for our residents. Joseph has breathed new life into the raised bed garden, producing a cornucopia of fresh produce, and filled the hen house with new little chicks. In just 6 months they have been able to reach the girls in a new and different way. Our goal is that through their loving, yet firm compassion, they will ensure that the girls feel nurtured and secure and are shown the example of a faithful marriage and Christ-filled home.

Clara Mouawad
Marketing Manager

Hello, My name is Clara Mouawad, and I am excited to be joining the Agnus Dei Foundation as the Marketing Manager. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and am passionate about marketing. I aim to utilize social media, online platforms, and events as a way of both reaching the women we serve, as well as spreading awareness and passion for our cause.