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Thank you for your support and donations!

The Lamb of God Maternity Home delivers 24/7 care to pregnant women in crisis.

Your gift will give these vulnerable women the tools they need to make a positive future for themselves and their babies.


Are you a woman in a crisis pregnancy and  in need of a safe place to stay? Do you need resources and education to help you get back on your feet?
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Together we can make a difference. From mentorships to resident transportation, join us in helping our women create a positive future for themselves and their babies.

Our Mission


The Mission of the Agnus Dei Foundation is to provide housing, support and education to pregnant women in crisis. 


Lamb of God Maternity Home is funded by donations from individuals, businesses and foundations. We are encouraged and grateful for all those who support the work we do.


This journey has definitely given me a lot of experience; most importantly it gave me a family. Thank you Lamb of God!”

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