Lamb of God Maternity Home can house 6 girls at a time, providing:

Shared kitchen
Dining room
Computer room
Adoption meetup center
Outside deck

Each girl is expected to work or study for twenty hours a week and join everyone for a communal dinner every night, provided by the house parents.


Women who come to the home live in a structured and supportive environment that promotes individual growth. Once a girl arrives, we work on getting to know her and her goals.

To help them achieve these goals, we offer a great variety of resources, including:

Art Therapy
Cooking Classes
Spiritual Advisement
Educational Resources
Financial Literacy Classes

Any obstacle a girl is facing we can take on together.


An environment has been created where every single person involved in the home understands, respects, and supports the decision a birth mother makes.

It is a unique environment where each girl gets to inspire and be inspired by her housemates. They share their emotions with people who can truly understand what they are going through.  A woman in crisis pregnancy gets to come here as she is. Whatever she has faced in her life or burdens she carries, we want her to know there is nothing that can’t be forgiven and healed.


We support our residents physically, emotionally and spiritually in the following ways:

Offer private counseling
Providing a safe, secure and supportive living environment.
Providing all the basic essentials needed, such as food, internet, and technology.
Reinforcing the choice they make to parent or place their babies for adoption.
Connecting to community resources regarding medical care, education, employment, WIC and parenting support.
Teaching life skills including cooking, gardening and crafting.
Providing transportation to counseling services, parenting classes, GED classes and other appointments..
Encouraging self-sufficiency by assisting residents to set realistic goals and holding them accountable for weekly progress.
Provide one-on-one mentorships to help residents overcome their unique struggles and create a positive plan for the future.